For Parents

How to form the reverent fear towards God MelquisedecLisbet in your children.

Proverbs 22: 6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

It is essential to instruct your children every day in the path of holiness which is Christ Lisbet, the firm and solid Rock.

With these teachings prepared by the Spiritual Mother, God herself, for her children, she wants to affirm their minds so that nothing or nobody can move them from always doing what is honest, pure, of good name, what pleases God MelquisedecLisbet and therefore not perish, just like humanity perishes everyday for not being taught since childhood with the true wisdom of God.

That is the great salvation that is within reach of your hands today and it is very important that you as parents, also clean your minds and be taught by Christ Lisbet to help each other in the education which shows your children reverent fear and to not be disobedient, it will make them docile and not rebels, who love the discipline and are not proud; and that way bring them to the excellence so they can enjoy all the promises of God and grow in happiness, peace, being guided, helped and protected by God so they will never do bad in anything. This requires dedication and time as well as putting it into practice and exercise every day using the teachings of Christ Lisbet, persisting without fainting and the purpose is to be love by God, not hated. This perfection and peace are permanent and eternal. Guaranteed!

It is important that parents keep in mind:

1. The mind of a child is very sensitive and in need of the correct guidance, therefore they should be taken carefully and with dedication to the spiritual path, starting from when they are babies. As parents, it is important to be in the perfect unity as a couple, walking in the order of MelquisedecLisbet. Christ Lisbet, as God, teaches us that they operate according to John 15:1-5 I am the true vine, and my Father (My Husband) is the gardener… Stay joined to me and I will stay joined to you. No branch can produce fruit alone. It must stay connected to the vine. It is the same with you. You cannot produce fruit alone, separated from me (Christ Lisbet) you won’t be able to do anything. There must be a true vine (God the Mother Christ Lisbet) and the gardener (God the Father Melquisedec) to have branches with fruit, and they have to stay clean so that the fruit can be clean and pleasing. So that your children can be raised in an excellent manner it is necessary that the couple works in perfect unity, God MelquisedecLisbet are our example to follow and their work is excellent in dealing with their spiritual children. That is why Christ Lisbet has provided various educational tools contained on this page, to assist parents in this important job, because what children are is what they have learned from their parents and that upbringing will depend on the incorporation into the society of men and women of good to become incorruptible. Familiarize yourself with the content and all the teachings of Christ Lisbet, to achieve the full potential of this valuable page that she has prepared with so much love for all who seek the Light and come to her. For more details, visit our

2. The importance of raising your children with the discipline of God is how you love them correctly, not spoiling them or giving too much attention to their flesh, bear in mind that the product of the correction is to obtain wisdom. To discipline a child you do not need to yell or be upset, but just let them know that there are consequences for their bad actions. It is necessary to remain firm in this and back up your words with actions, so that you do not divert them to the temporary pleasures of the flesh. A child can not control an adult because that is not pleasing to God, it is necessary that parents judge things correctly, so you do not confuse the love and mercy of God with false love because that brings harm to children. The Holy Angels of MelquisedecLisbet are righteous, just and orderly children. (Read Hebrews 12:4-10)

3. The importance of instructing them in the word of the living God MelquisedecLisbet is vital. Today we see the result of not having the direct teaching of God, in society, with conflicts, differences and disorder which results in the death of man. That is simply because they do not have the true and living God MelquisedecLisbet because their instruction is so that man does not perish, but live eternally in order, peace, happiness, health and prosperity. You should feel privileged to live in this era of the glorious manifestation of Christ Lisbet, the Wife of God the Father, Melquisedec, because through her you have the opportunity to organize your home (mind) and be made children of God to receive their blessing and protection. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed because they have no knowledge (to know what pleases God so that you don’t die). God MelquisedecLisbet does not work mystically, They have an order: God the Father Melquisedec is the head of Christ Lisbet and she manifests physically to be the mediator between God the Father and men, to teach us how the Father works. She does this through her teachings, as our Spiritual Mother, she sympathizes and is merciful because she has participated in the same weakness as us, but she was the first to overcome the carnal mind to manifest their pact with men, to be able to give them entry in their mind, to the presence of God the Father. That is why she cleans and renews our minds to bring us towards them with a clean and just conscience, forming reverent fear in their children.

4. The importance of understanding the figures in the stories of the Bible that Christ Lisbet explains; since they have an essential spiritual significance to form in them since childhood the love and reverent fear towards God.

5. Teach them to live the best day of MelquisedecLisbet in eternal joy and peace, fully confident in Their almighty God and knowing that if MelquisedecLisbet are in your mind, everything is clean and tidy and your surroundings will be fixed.

6. Teach your children the power of the name of their Spiritual Parents, God Themselves MelquisedecLisbet, the husband and his wife, Christ. It is important to teach your children since childhood patience and how to ask the Father Melquisedec in the name of our Mother Christ Lisbet. Reminding them that they can ask with justice and they will receive it so that their joy will be complete and that way the powerful name of God, that has not been revealed until now, be glorified.

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8. Visit the testimonies: results in the lives of parents and children who have been purified and instructed by MelquisedecLisbet.

9. It is important to help your children to always look for the spiritual things (Matthew 6:33), the things that remain, and not the things of this world, material things that do not remain.

10. As parents, it is important that you understand that the perfect order that God MelquisedecLisbet teaches, is the order of head and body, who are husband and wife, spiritual father and Mother and through that perfect union, spiritual children are born, through their teachings, which it is brought by Christ Lisbet, the spiritual Mother. You also as, male and female, united in perfect unity can raise healthy children and at the likeness of their spiritual parents.