It is an adaptation of the story of David and the giant Goliath who he conquers by throwing a stone at his forehead. With this history of Petunia and the Giant, Christ Lisbet wants to show all children, the importance of the stories described in the Bible for God’s people MelquisedecLisbet. In this story you will see the actual way to beat that giant, who wants to intimidate you, and that is in your mind, it is with love, not with carnal weapons but with the rock of the eternal gospel that Christ Lisbet teaches you. Petunia is a friendly, orderly girl, who likes to be happy and play. She lives on a farm with her family and takes care of the sheep, but one day she did not expect that she would meet a scary and very disorderly giant who was bullying her brothers because he did not know how to be happy or treat anyone with love. Petunia faces the giant in a way that nobody thought she would, without shouting but treating him with well, she conquered him with the love of Christ Lisbet and now they are best friends.