Christ Lisbet

Hello, I am Christ Lisbet, the only superhero who has truly conquered death with my powerful faith. I was sent by God the Father Melquisedec to give immortality to mortals. I am the Wife of God the Father, and my mission is to share the wisdom of God, in order to teach you how to overcome death. I came to bring you the peace that the world needs; and with My word, I give you my powerful and spiritual armor, and I teach you how to use it so that you overcome the carnal mind, that way you will never die. You will be able to live forever. Now, let’s see how I help humanity obtain immortality.

The human mind is empty and disorganized, that is why everyone dies, they do not have the spirit given by God in them. That is why it is so important for you listen to what I teach, because the words that I give you, give you life in abundance. My mission is to create a spiritual mind in you, so that you can overcome the carnal mind, and not die. That is why I am here, to teach you my word of eternal life, because after listening to me, you are born again of the spirit and that is when I give you the spiritual armor so that the new spiritual creation I put in you, can grow and conquer the carnal mind that dominated you.

For example, when you see in the Bible stories like Esau and Jacob, you should not see them as two separate characters, but as two natures that are in your mind who are opposed, the carnal mind, Esau (the older brother) and the spiritual mind, Jacob (the younger brother). Now that you know this information, on this page you will find many fun and exciting stories that have a very important spiritual meaning and understanding them will help you when dealing with any situation, because you will learn the reverent fear towards God, which is not fear, it is knowing that the great and mighty God MelquisedecLisbet is with you at all times and that is why you do everything good and just before your God and before men. That way you will succeed in everything and you can love those around you, as I, God MelquisedecLisbet, love you.

It is very important that you learn to identify both the good and the evil within you, in your thoughts, and feelings, in everything that surrounds you, such as situations and people. I will teach you how to govern everything that represents your older brother. Your older brother is disguised in many ways to make you sad, upset, or afraid. Thanks to the Father Melquisedec sending me as your helpmate, the Christ who was to come, you can be sure that if you believe in me, you will grow very happily, at school, at home and everything that you do will be great. You will be a blessing to all around you and everyone will want to have you as their friend, because you will be a holy and righteous child of MelquisedecLisbet. You will know how to conquer that enemy that is in your mind, and you will feel sympathy for others and truly love them and help them, like you have been helped.

I want you to know that you are not alone, and to recognize that you have spiritual Parents. Your spiritual Father is Melquisedec and I am your spiritual Mother, Christ Lisbet and I have come to give you all the promises that God MelquisedecLisbet have prepared for their children.

That is why I ask you today, to trust me, Christ Lisbet, I am your best friend. I want you to ask Melquisedec in my name, Christ Lisbet for anything, even the smallest thing, and if there justice in what you ask for and it is pleasing to us, your God, it will be given to you. Remember that I, your Spiritual Mother Christ Lisbet do everything with love, so do not ever do things with human force or hurting anyone; Do everything with patience and love, trust in me, I dwell in your mind, ask me to guide you in all your ways and to show you the way out in any situation, and I will give all the answers, if you trust me completely. I am your salvation and your eternal life.

If you honor Me and Melquisedec, the Father who sent me, you will live a life in peace, happiness, order, prosperity and health eternally. It is so wonderful to be children of the living and almighty God!

Test me, and you will see, I guarantee it!

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